Scandinavian School in Canberra, Swedish Section

Language Swedish
School Scandinavian School in Canberra, Swedish Section
Contact Person Helena Dohlvik (Principal)
Postal Address PO Box 6233 O’Connor 2602 ACT
Schooling Hours Monday 5.30 – 7.00 pm
Venue Black Mountain High School, Cockle Street (off Miller Street), O’Connor ACT 2603
Tuition Fee Membership in the Scandinavian Australian Association: $15 per family
History The Scandinavian School in Canberra, Swedish Section, was founded in 1986. We adhere to the curriculum of language education established by the Swedish National Agency for Education. Our parent organisation is the Scandinavian Australian Association in Canberra The school provides Swedish language lessons to children and young people (6-18 years of age) for whom at least one parent speaks Swedish at home. At present, there are no classes in Canberra in the other two Scandinavian languages, Norwegian and Danish.
Other Information Swedish is naturally the language spoken in Sweden, but is also a minority language in Finland. Sweden is situated on the Scandinavian Peninsula in northern Europe. Part of Sweden lies north of the Polar Circle, and during the summer (June-August), Sweden experiences the midnight sun, in which the sun does not set. This makes summer a very special season.

One of our students, dressed as Santa Lucia

One of our students, dressed as Santa Lucia

The Swedish traditions are very important to us and as well as teaching the Swedish language, we endeavour to foster the culture and celebrate the major occasions such as Walpurgis Night, Midsummer and the Christmas tradition of Santa Lucia. This is done by music and dance, playing games and enjoying the traditional Swedish foods.

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