Canberra Community Chinese School

Contact Person Raymond Chan
Mobile 0416 545 687
Facebook Page Canberra Community Chinese School
Postal Address PO Box 683 Dickson ACT 2602
Schooling Hours Sundays 1.00 – 3.00 pm  during ACT school term
Venue Canberra College, Launceston Street Woden
Tuition Fee Tuition fees are payable at the beginning of a School Term. Discount is offered for families with two or more children and/or paying fees by Semester.
History The Canberra Community Chinese School was established in 1981 under the name East Asian Art Society Chinese School. The school is the oldest Chinese Language School in Canberra providing Chinese language classes catering for children and young adults. The school is incorporated as a non-profit community organisation where the parents fully participate in the running of the school. The new school name reflects the changing environment.
Other Information Classes are held in normal classrooms to provide a safe and secure environment for children from the age of 4 to14. The children are taught to read and write simple Chinese characters based on the Pinyin system. The teacher to student ratio is low to ensure interaction in the classroom. English is used as the teaching medium so that communication can be maintained. Therefore it is most suitable for children coming from a non-Chinese speaking background.

Adult classes are targeted for young adults who wish to study Chinese as a second language. In 2014 both beginner and advance levels can be offered if enrolment reaches a minimum number. Please contact the school for details.

Why Learn Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese is one of the most spoken languages in the world. It has a rich cultural heritage being one of the oldest cultures that has a continuous history in the world. It is now also the language of the most numerous minority migrant community group in Australia. China is also the largest trading partner of Australia.
Help your child take advantage of the Asian Century. Learning Mandarin will give them great opportunities in their adult life and increase their chances of success.

The 2014 school year will commence on the Sunday 9th February 2014.
Please come to the school premises at 10:00 am to complete the enrolment process.
Students will have to fill in an enrolment form and signed by a parent or guardian.Membership of Parent Association
All parents and guardians of our students will automatically become members of the incorporated body E.A.A.S. Chinese School Incorporated. The Association is the legal entity that runs the school. Members will be able to elect or be elected to the Executive Committee that runs the school. Annual General Meeting is held in April/May each year. A fully audited financial report will be presented at the AGM.
Involvement by parents in the running of the school will ensure we keep the cost to the minimum and maintaining the standard and quality of our school.

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