cla-2007MEDIA RELEASE – October 27, 2014

For Immediate release


Australia’s newest Language Ambassadors with be announced today Monday, October 27 at 6.00pm at the launch of a new website Love of Language –

The site will be launched by-
The Hon Martin Dixon, Minister For Education, and
The Hon Matthew Guy, Minister for Planning, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship.
in Queen’s Hall, Parliament House, Spring Street, Melbourne

Community Languages Australia, with the support of the Victorian Government and the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, is proud to launch a motivational, aspirational website aimed at promoting the learning of language. As a communication tool, it sits within the Victorian Government’s Vision For Languages Education 2013-25.

Prominent Australian business, sporting, arts and educational leaders together with community representatives will be announced as Language Ambassadors.

Amongst them are ;

News presenters Helen Kapalos and George Donikian, Hawthorn great Robert Dipierdomenico, Chairman Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival and Melbourne Grand Prix Board member Laura Anderson, Melbourne Victory star of this weekend’s MVFC win Kostas Babarouses, 2013 Australian of the Year Finalists Dr Linny Phuong and Mohammed Alam, biggest Budget Rent a Car franchise owner and philanthropist Paul Wheelton, CEO of the Gandel Foundation Vedran Drakulic , highly successful Australian Olympic Sailing Coach Victor Kovalenko, Secretary of Victoria’s Consular Corps Trent Smyth, Barrister William Lye and many others. will provide opportunities for people of all ages to learn a new language. It will also engage a range of Ambassadors who have volunteered to promote languages in schools, business, sport ,arts and communities across Victoria and Australia.

Helen Kapalos, the presenter of the Seven Network’s flagship current affairs program Sunday Night, grew up in a Greek-speaking household. She recalls her early days at school:
“My first day at school meant learning an entirely new language! Although I eventually took to it, it wasn’t that much fun at first and I learned a painful lesson about how language has the power to isolate and cause fear and divide. Eventually it united me with my classmates, but as I got older I’ve valued how intrinsic my Greek language is to my identity. Although it’s no longer my dominant language, it takes me back to who I am, and where I come from, and I don’t want to lose that.”

“The site will be a valuable tool for students, parents, educators and business people.
It will bring together many of the elements required in making decisions on learning language at all levels.

It will give the strong arguments required to make an educated and informed decision and most importantly studying a language, understanding the culture forges a stronger and more harmonious Australian community, ” Stefan Romaniw OAM, the Executive Director of Community Languages Australia said today,

“Our ambassadors through real life experiences will share their testimonials – A strong list of ambassadors will work with schools, parents, and students in promoting languages learning and cultural awareness ”

“In this global and international world we live in languages are the keys that open many doors.” Mr Romaniw said

Students in national costumes from Gladstone Park PS and from a range of community languages schools together with members of the State Schools Spectacular will add color and entertainment to the launch to be attended by political, business, sporting and education representatives together with community members.

Further information contact Stefan Romaniw 0419 531255

Where language and culture come together
150 Palmerston Street Carlton. Victoria 3053
Telephone (03) 9349 2400 Fax: (03) 9347 0297
ABN 77 674 760 578


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