President’s Speech 19th Annual Dinner

Ms Joy Burch Minister for Multicultural Affairs, Dr Chris Bourke Minister for Education & Training, Mr Steve Despots Representative Opposition Leader and Shadow Minister for Education and Training, Mr and Mrs John Hargraves MLA, Mr Tassos Douvartzides Chairman of Australian Federation Community Language Schools, Principals, Teachers, Ladies and Gentlemen

Let me first of all on behalf of the ACT Community Language Schools Association welcome all of you and thank you for accepting our invitation for the 19th Annual Dinner.

I am pleased briefly report on the development and progress of our Association this year.
Before that I would like to say why do we have community language?

We all know:

    1. Language is an element of human rights
    2. Language is closely linked with personal and cultural identity
    3. Language is an essential tool in the social organisation of a community and
    4. Language is the basis of cognitive and educational development

We do believe Canberra is a multilingual city

A multilingual city is one where different languages become part of the natural development of the community as a whole. It is where a range of languages are spoken at home, in public, in education and in the media, where a variety of languages are used, respected and referred to in our daily lives.
They also provide the maintenance and promotion of healthy, respectful communication between bodies that deal with the administration, accreditation.

Read complete speech here

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