Italian Painter at the Italian Language School

The Italian painter Giorgio Polo was in Australia on the invitation of the Italian Embassy. He specializes in murals and has visited all Italian Committees in Australia giving lectures and also has taught school children the use of painting materials and techniques. In Canberra he came to the Italian School organized at the Yarralumla Primary School for two days to paint a mural on the school’s outdoor wall tracing the students’ figures first and then assisted the students with the final touches. The mural was officially launched by the Italian Ambassador, dott. De Martino di Montegiordano, in the presence of the Principal, parents and students of the School and the Italian Community. Some of the students attending the Bilingual Program at Yarralumla Primary are also enrolled in the Saturday Italian classes in order to enhance and catch up with further knowledge of the Italian language and culture and they are appearing in the photo.

At the end of the second term the Saturday Italian classes Committee organised a small presentation of a song for the benefit of the parents so they could gauge the learning curve of their children. The students also prepared seventy five small pizza entrees following an Italian traditional recipe. All ingredients and instructions were given in Italian and were very appreciated by the parents. The first level students’ class with their teacher, Anna Maria Nocera, at the end of the party is in the photo. The students also participated in the celebration for Italy’s National Day on 1st June presenting two sketches in Italian and a song at the Italian Cultural Centre in Forrest.

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