Workshop 3 (2009): Exploring the use of the first and second language

The third workshop for this year (3/2009) was running on Wednesday 27 of May by Dr Elke Stracke and numbers of teachers from different schools were attending.

The topic was “Exploring the use of the first and second language”.

In this interactive workshop we reflected on the benefit and disadvantages of using the target language and/or English in our lessons. The teachers were very interested in to participate and sharing with the lecture to what are the pros and cons of using the English /target language for the management of learning activities.

In this session we discuss our answers with the whole group. Does the language we use vary from time to time and from class to class. Which language(s) do we use. These all questions have been analysed between the teachers and lecture.

These workshops are of great assistance to all our teachers. Having strong participation and also a wide spectrum of schools involved in the workshop shows that instructors are keen to improve their effectiveness.

The next workshop 4/2009 is on Wednesday 24 June 2009.

Javad Mehr
ACT Ethnic Schools Association

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