Workshop 2 (2009): Planning a sequence of lessons

The workshop 2/2009 was running by Dr Elke Stracke last Wednesday and number of teachers from different schools were attending this workshop.

The topic was “Planning a sequence of lessons” explained how planning a sequence of lessons is somewhat like creating a tapestry, full of light, variety and colour rather than some of the dark heavier works which can be found in old houses and museums. In this interactive workshop we went to continue reflecting on ways of planning our lessons and in particular sequences of lessons.

This workshop was suitable for the teachers who attended the previous workshop and as well as for new participants.

These workshops are of great assistance to all our teacher, having strong participation and also a wide spectrum of schools involved in the workshop shows that instructors are keen to improve their effectiveness. The participation of teachers in the workshop was highly impressed.

The next workshop (3/2009) is on Wednesday 27 of May.

See you all

Javad Mehr
ACT Ethnic Schools Association

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