Workshop 1 (2009): Planning our teaching

ACT community languages schools teachers participate in workshop.

The first workshop for community languages schools instructors in 2009 commenced last night March 25, 2009 at the Multicultural Centre in Canberra.

The ACT Ethnic Schools Association (ACT ESA) promoted this workshop to its members

Dr Elke Stracke from University of Canberra. Presented the topic “Planning our teaching”.
21 teachers from 13 different schools participated.

The interactive workshop discussed strategies for reflecting on the way lessons are planned

Instructors were encouraged to contemplate on what they are going to teach before they go into the lesson; Planning is a vital tool in ensuring lessons delivered are effectively

In the session, strategies for planning classroom teaching were discussed. A range of models were provided… Participants were also provided the opportunity to share their plans and receive feedback. ACT ESA President Javad Mehr said “These workshops are of great assistance to all out teachers. Having strong participation and also a wide spectrum of schools involved in the workshop shows that instructors are keen to improve their effectiveness”

The next workshop is on Wednesday 29 April 2009.
Certificates will be provided to all teachers and instructors who successfully complete the whole workshop program by the end of 2009.

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